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Kennel Tending is a little kennel in Southern Finland, near Helsinki. We; Mrs. Riitta Jantunen-Korri and Mr. Pekka Korri train and compete with our dogs in obedience, in working trials and in herding, and also we breed border collies from sheep dog lines on a small scale - our aim is to breed competition dogs for obedience /agility / working trials ( tracking, searching ) and still have a dog with a good natural herding instinct.

We have been happy to breed border collies successfully about fifteen years now; at that time our breedings have won 75 medals of Finnish Championships in different dog sports (obedience, working trials, agility, sledge dog trials, junior championships of herding). Also our breedings have been chosen to National Team in agility (years 2004-12), obedience (2001-2013) and working trials (2002-13). Our breedings have won 21 medals in Nordic Championships; in obedience, agility and in working trials.
In World Championship-level our breedings have won 9 medals in Obedience (and many team-medals), also one medal in Agility World Championships, as also two medals in Agility European open and one in Open World Agility Championships (2013).

So our breedings have won pronze-medals in personal Agility Nordic Championships (Denmark) & Obedience Championships (Sweden, Finland) in 2006, 2008, also personal pronze-medal, silver medal and three team-golds in World Championships of Obedience. In 2007 Finland`s Obedience Team won team-gold in European Championships (Croatia), there were five our breedings in this team and one our breeding bitch. Also personal silver-medal came then to our breeding, and 4th and 6th placements. In 2008 our Obedience National Team won team-gold in World Championships of Obedience, and our breedings won personal silver and pronze medals. Also our breeding won the Nordic Championships of Obedience, also the team gold in November 2008.

In 2011 our breeding won personal gold in Nordic Championships of Obedience.
In 2012 our breedings won personal gold and silver in World Championships of Obedience, also there were six our breedings in the gold winning team. Also in 2012 our breeding won personal gold in Nordic Championships of Agility.
In 2013 our breeding won silver and bronze medals in Obedience World Championships, and gold and silver in Nordic Championships (also team-gold). In Agility Open World Championships 2013 our breeding won silver medal. In working trial competitions our breeding won 3 medals in our Finnish Championships, also the team-gold. And silver medal in Nordic WT Championships, from tracking.

In Finland the border collie is divided into show and working lines. Show quality border collies are bred mainly for their beautiful appearance, not for the herding instinct or working abilities. Show border collies are usually from Australian / New Zealand show lines. These dogs are registered in the Finnish kennel Club ( a member of the FCI ).

Also we have some working border collies working with sheep and livestock in Finnish farms. They are however regarded mostly as mixed breed in the Finnish Kennel Club and cannot therefore compete in tracking or searching, for instance. There is an association for the working border collie that keeps their own records and promotes the use of working sheep dogs on Finnish farms.
As we also want to breed competition dogs for dog sports, our puppies are registered in the Finnish Kennel Club. They have the right to compete in obedience, tracking etc. but also in herding tests.

Here at Kennel Tending we believe in maintaning the excellent working abilities of the border collie. Our breeding stock comes from isds-lines, which have proven their herding skills in action. We have also chosen some old English obedience (sport) lines for our breeding work, and of course our own female line is mostly very successful obedience/working trial competitors. There could be nowadays six generations of Ob/WT/Ag Champions in our breedings` pedigree - and many of them have competed in national team (international) level too.

Our first border collie was named OB.CH Brains Fjolle, and she was from Norway. She competed in obedience at the highest level and represented Finland for three years in our National Team. From Norway came also our next females, OB.CH Brains Hyasinth Velho and WORKING TR.CH Glen-Fly.

Our oldest competition dog was OB.CH & WORKING TR.CH Opas Ready Teddy, he died in the age of 11 years about fifteen years ago. Teddy was a German Shepherd male, and one of Finnish Guide Dog School breedings - Pekka is the breeding manager and senior instructor at the only Guide Dog School in Finland.

Nowadays (2014) our own dogs are WT Ch M-10 Tending Shaman (winner of WT Championships), Ob.Ch Tending Joy, and young BH TK1 Tending Mystic. Most of our breedings compete at the highest level of obedience / working trials / agility. Some of our breedings work also as a sheepdog in Finnish farms and have done a basic shepherding test.

Our aim is to breed border collies who are mentally strong and also have lot of intense, focus and willingness to work.

If you got interested in our breeding work; please just write to us!

Our e-mail: Kennel Tending

Puppies sometimes available from healthy, successful Ob./WT/Ag Ch-parents.

- litter news, competition results & champion news -

Our females.

We`d like to thank Kennel Brains, Norway, and Kennel Gränsvallarens, Sweden, for co-operation.

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